Frankie Capan III holding his golf club

Frankie Capan III Triumphs In Hometown 3M Open

Frankie Capan III, the talented golfer from Stillwater, Minnesota, has fulfilled his long-cherished dream of playing in the 3M Open, a prestigious golf tournament held close to his hometown. The event took place at the renowned TPC Twin Cities, located just 15 miles away from where Capan spent his formative years. While the opportunity seemed enticing, it also brought a dilemma for the 23-year-old Korn Ferry Tour member.

Having embarked on his first season on the Korn Ferry Tour, Capan’s ultimate goal was to secure a top-30 finish on the Korn Ferry Tour Points List, which would grant him full status on the PGA TOUR for the following season. With his current 34th position, he was only 60 points shy of breaking into the top 30. Every tournament mattered as it could make or break his chances of making it to the PGA TOUR. Despite this high-stakes situation, Capan decided to seize the opportunity to play in his hometown event.

Consulting with his family and fellow Korn Ferry Tour member Kevin Dougherty, Capan made the decision to participate in the 3M Open. He weighed the potential benefits of playing in the tournament while staying close to home and spending valuable time with his family against the toll of continuous travel and fatigue from multiple tournaments in a row. The allure of competing in front of a home crowd won him over, making him optimistic about his ability to secure the necessary points in the remaining events of the season.

Capan’s confidence in his game and familiarity with the course fueled his enthusiasm for the tournament. He is known for his ability to go low and ranks 12th on the Korn Ferry Tour in birdie average, a skill that would be vital at the birdie-friendly TPC Twin Cities. The golf course has historically witnessed winning scores as low as 18-under, making it essential for Capan to showcase his best performance.

As he prepared to take on the challenge of the 3M Open, one more thing set him apart from other players – his caddie. Capan’s caddie for the tournament was none other than his mom, Charlynn. Originally intended to be a fill-in caddie, she proved indispensable during the stressful qualifying stages for the U.S. Open and Korn Ferry Q-School, earning her a continued spot on her son’s bag. The duo shared a strong on-course partnership while maintaining a balance between the professional and familial aspects of their relationship.

“It’s incredible to have my mom by my side during these critical moments. She understands my game and provides unwavering support throughout the rounds. I owe a lot of my success to her guidance.” Capan expressed gratitude.

A Winning Dream Close to Reality

With the support of his family and the comfort of playing on familiar grounds, Capan felt optimistic about the prospects of victory. Winning the 3M Open in front of his home crowd would undoubtedly be an extraordinary achievement and a testament to his unwavering dedication to the sport. However, he was also aware of the pressure to secure a spot on the PGA TOUR for the next season.

“While the dream of winning here is incredible, I must stay focused and take it one step at a time. The ultimate goal remains to earn my place on the PGA TOUR, and this tournament is a stepping stone towards that.” Capan emphasized.

As the 3M Open commenced, all eyes were on Frankie Capan III, the local hero who dared to dream big. With every stroke, he drew closer to his aspiration of both hometown glory and PGA TOUR membership. The fairways echoed with cheers from the enthusiastic crowd, who rallied behind their homegrown talent.

While the journey ahead was undoubtedly challenging, Capan’s unwavering determination, coupled with his mother’s guidance, made for an inspiring and heartwarming story. Whether he secured victory at the 3M Open or not, Frankie Capan III’s story had already captured the hearts of many, turning him into a beacon of hope and perseverance for aspiring golfers worldwide.

As the final putts dropped and the tournament ended, Capan’s performance at the 3M Open would undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the golfing world. Regardless of the outcome, he had fulfilled a hometown dream, leaving an indelible mark on the journey of a young golfer pursuing his passion and making his community proud.

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