Learn How To Hit A Golf Ball Far For Beginners 6 Methods For You

Learn How To Hit A Golf Ball Far For Beginners: 6 Methods For You

Extending the flying distance is crucial in order to aim for a score increase. It is also true, though, that a lot of golfers are frustrated by how difficult it is to improve flight distance. In order to enhance the distance in golf, we will discuss some practice ideas and suggestions in this post. Please look at what follows as I also explain why the flight distance is not calculated.

Why am I not getting the distance in golf swing

Some reasons why flight distances do not grow are:

Excessive power is applied

Many golfers wrongly think that exerting too much force will increase flight distance. But trying to throw the ball farther might actually put undue stress on your body, collapse your swing, and prevent you from properly transferring force to the ball. It’s important to relax and concentrate on striking the ball accurately if you want to hit it farther. Your trajectory will get straighter and you’ll be able to fly farther as a result.

Meet rate is low

One of the factors contributing to the low meat rate in golf is the lack of an increase in flight distance. Meat rate is a number that shows whether you are actually striking the ball.

A poor meat rate indicates that the swing’s force is not being transferred to the ball effectively. Even if you raise the swing speed, the fly distance won’t increase if the meat rate isn’t improved.

Hitting with only the arm

Many golfers struggle to improve their flight distance because they rely too heavily on their arms when hitting the ball. If your upper body is improperly twisted or your body’s axis is unstable, you’ll only be able to generate power through your arms.

However, relying solely on your arm strength is insufficient when it comes to hitting the ball. To improve your distance, it’s important to focus on twisting your upper body while pressing with your lower body. With practice, this technique will help you smash the ball farther and achieve greater distance.

You’re not holding the grip properly

A poor grip can be the cause of your inability to increase your golf distance. It’s important to identify the grip that works best for you because everyone has a different grip that helps them to carry the ball successfully.

Never assume that there is only one “correct” method to hold the ball. Try out several grips until you discover one that feels natural to you and lets you get the most distance. You may increase your flight distance and your game with the appropriate grip.

How do I increase my distance in golf

How do I increase my distance in golf

The following advice will help you increase your golf distance. Please have a look because the flying distance will be significantly increased if you are aware of some things.

Use the whole body

If you’re looking to hit the ball farther, it’s crucial to utilize your entire body, as mentioned previously. Failing to support your body properly during your swing will result in a smaller swing and less power transferred to the ball.

To increase your distance, focus on twisting your upper body while using your entire body to generate power. By doing so, you’ll be able to maximize your distance and improve your overall game.

Be aware of the left wall

If you’re struggling with inaccurate shots or a lack of distance, try focusing on the left wall. This swing technique involves visualizing a wall on your left side, and it’s been known to improve shot accuracy and increase distance.

To successfully build the left wall, keep your left foot firmly on the ground while turning and use your left knee to catch the rotation of your body. Shift your center of gravity towards your left foot for added stability.

If you’re having trouble visualizing the left wall, try practicing with an object placed on your left side. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to improve your swing and achieve greater accuracy and distance.

Be aware of a fast swing

Want to increase your golf distance? One secret is to focus on a fast swing. The faster your golf club hits the ball, the farther it will travel.

To boost your swing speed, it’s crucial to visualize a swift swing. Try using a lightweight club and focus on rotating your body before the clubhead.

With consistent practice, you’ll develop a sense of timing and speed in your swing, resulting in increased distance.

Improving Golf Distance with Drivers: Effective Practice Methods

Improving Golf Distance with Drivers Effective Practice Methods

Increase Your Physical Strength Through Golf Swings

If you want to increase the distance of your driver shots, one effective way is to build up your physical strength through regular swinging. Without enough stamina, your shots may suffer in the later part of a round and your swing speed may decrease.

To build physical strength, consider using a heavier golf club and practicing your swings daily. You may also want to incorporate strength training exercises, such as squats, planks, and back muscle exercises.

Lower the golf club at the correct angle

A driver’s flight distance can be extended by elevating and lowering the golf club. It’s possible that the golf club isn’t down at the proper angle, which is why the ball doesn’t fly very far.

Therefore, the flight distance will significantly increase if you pay attention to how you strike the ball in order to descend the driver at the proper angle.

You will be able to grasp the sensation of lowering the golf club at the proper angle and the mental image of how to hit with speed by practicing this exercise.

Alternating Between Heavy and Light Golf Clubs During Practice Swings

Alternating between swinging a heavy and light golf club can also help you go farther. Try swinging with the driver you’ll use in a real game once you’ve tried it with both clubs. Apply these tactics to your driver’s swing by being conscious of how you swing the heavy club with your body and the light club with full force.

You may hit shots with high trajectory and significantly increase your distance by doing this exercise.

Improving Golf Distance with Irons: Effective Practice Methods

Improving Golf Distance with Irons Effective Practice Methods

How To Hit A Golf Ball Far For Beginners?

Practice putting your weight on the left

Try shifting your weight to the left side if you want to hit the ball farther with your irons. Your weight should be centered on the left side to ensure a steady swing with a high trajectory.

The center of gravity at contact will alter if you put too much emphasis on moving your weight, like with driver shots, and you won’t be able to extend the flight distance.

Be aware of the down blow

If you want to use your irons to hit the ball far, you must practice down blows. A down blow occurs when the ball is struck by the golf club head as it is still falling.

In addition to increasing the distance, a down blow will cause the ball to rise even from a poor lie.

Furthermore, in order to deliver a down strike, it’s critical to be aware of your hand position. Practice maintaining your wrist angle until the club strikes the golf ball by placing your hand to the left of the ball.

Tighten the left elbow and swing

Tightening your left elbow can be an effective method to increase your iron shot distance. Irons are heavier than drivers and can slow down your swing speed, resulting in less power at impact and difficulty in achieving greater flight distance.

Simply trying to swing the club harder won’t necessarily increase the distance, so it’s important to focus on generating more efficient power. One way to do this is by firmly tightening your left elbow and raising your right hand during the swing.

By practicing this technique, you can increase your clubhead speed more effectively and improve your ability to hit the ball higher and farther.

Improve Your Golf Score with the Help of a Rangefinder

Isn’t it true that many golfers are concerned that their scores may not rise as anticipated? A golf rangefinder is suggested in such circumstances. The questions “What is a golf rangefinder?” and “How do you use it? ” will be addressed from this point on.

What is a golf rangefinder

A golf rangefinder is a tool that calculates the distance between you and a target point. A golf rangefinder is claimed to assist you to lower your score because you will be able to measure the flight distance precisely.

Additionally, it frees up your mind from having to calculate how many meters or how far you should smash the ball to play golf more efficiently.

How to choose a golf rangefinder

Check the rangefinder’s functionality before buying. Depending on the product, features like voice assistance, camera shake correction, and waterproofing vary.

You can drastically raise your score by using a golf rangefinder with the necessary features. It’s crucial to remember that pricing increases correspond to functionality increases.

Additionally, look into portability. The small and light model doesn’t interfere with your shoots and helps ease round-related tension.

Additionally, you may look at the best golf rangefinders right here.

Choose the golf ball right for you

Some Best Golf Balls For Beginners

For novices in particular, picking the appropriate golf ball is crucial to hitting the ball far. Different golf balls have unique qualities that can change the trajectory and distance of your shots.

Think about your swing speed and level of experience when selecting a golf ball. Faster swing rates may need harder balls with more compression, whilst slower swing speeds will benefit from softer balls with lower compression.

The golf ball’s dimple design must also be taken into account because it has an impact on the ball’s aerodynamics and trajectory. Golf balls can vary in the number of dimples they contain, with some having fewer dimples for a lower ball flight and others having more for a higher one.

In the end, trying out a few different kinds of golf balls can help you choose which one feels and performs best for your game.

You can also take a peek at the top 12 golf balls right here.


In summary, improving your golf distance includes using your entire body, concentrating on a quick swing, employing the left wall technique, retaining your grip correctly, and lowering the golf club at the optimum angle. Additionally, increasing your physical strength by frequent swinging and integrating strength training exercises might help you extend the range of your driver shots. During practice swings, switching between heavy and light golf clubs might also help you travel farther. You may increase your flight distance and overall game by using these practice tips and advice.

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