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How Many Golf Balls Do Beginners Lose? Tips To Stop Losing Them

It takes much work to state how many golf balls beginners lose. Because for newbies losing golf balls is not unusual. They lose golf balls in almost every game they play. It’s because they have no control over their shots that experienced golfers have. Even ace golfers lose their golf balls in the game. But again, losing golf balls on the course varies from player to player.

According to Riccarton park golf complex, an average golfer loses 2 balls per game. If you play once a week, that could equate to 100 golf balls in a year. And as per my experience, newbies lose 3 to 4 golf balls per game. If you are going through the same situation, do not worry, you’ll get rid of this with time. I was also heartbroken to lose my golf balls when I was a beginner. But over time, the problem got solved. In this article, I’ll also mention some tips to stop losing golf balls.

How Many Golf Ball Are Lost Per Day

Losing golf balls is a global tragedy. In every game, beginners lose 3 to 4 golf balls, and average golfers lose 2 golf balls per game. As per Golf Educate, there are 66.6 million golfers in the world. So, almost 140 million golf balls are lost each year by golfers the number of golf balls beginners lose is much high.

Also, the number of golfers is increasing every day. So, the number of golf balls lost will also increase with time. We have to be patient and learn how to stop losing them.

How Many Golf Balls Are Lost Per Year

According to rumors, golfers in the United States lose almost 400 million golf balls yearly. Losing a golf ball by beginners or by other golfers is common. So, this number will become much higher when we consider golf balls lost or discarded in other countries.

How Many Golf Balls Are Produced Each Year

It’s hard to provide the exact number of golf balls produced yearly. But rumors say that production companies produce around 1 to 1.5 billion golf balls yearly. This number also varies as consumer demand changes. But as the number of golf balls lost each year increases, the number of golf balls produced each year will increase with time.

How Many Golf Balls Should A Beginners Need

Beginners lose many golf balls while playing. We estimate that they would lose 3 golf balls per round. It will be wise to carry some extra golf balls with you. Moreover, this would only cost you a little if you buy cheap golf balls, and it will also save your game.
If you know little about top-rated golf balls for beginners, you can read our articles below on the best golf balls for newbies.

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Can You Keep Golf Balls You Find

It is unethical to keep golf balls you find. Nowadays, customized golf balls are available which have their owner’s name on them. You can return them to their owners, or if the owner’s name is not on the ball, you should ask somebody to whom this ball belongs.

Its good sportsmanship to not pick up lost golf balls while they are still rolling.

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How Many Golf Balls Do Beginners Lose?

How To Stop Losing Golf Balls

From a beginner’s standpoint, keeping your golf balls is easy. You have to practice more and more on your swing, take help from someone, avoid longer and higher shots in the beginning, and many, many things to stop losing golf balls. Here I have mentioned some tips to stop losing your golf balls which I have done in my time.

Stop For The Right Golf Ball

The first step is to choose the golf ball that is right for you and that suits your game. This golf ball has to be suitable for your skill level and swing. If you need clarification about which golf ball is right for you in the beginning, you can check our article on the best golf balls for beginners, in which we have discussed different golf balls from multiple brands in depth. It will help you in losing your golf balls.

Practice Daily

The age-old adage “practice makes perfect” holds true, especially in the game of golf. The more you practice, the more adept you become at controlling your shots, ultimately reducing the frequency of lost golf balls. Additionally, consistent practice can contribute to overall skill improvement, leading to an overall better performance on the course. Therefore, committing to regular practice sessions can benefit both your ball retention rate and overall gameplay abilities.

Play Wisely

You have to play wisely and not make higher or larger shots because you are now in a learning phase. Until you learn to have control over your golf ball, you have to play cautiously. Play in the mid of the fairway, as this reduces the number of golf balls you lose.

Make Shots After Keeping Track Of Them

It is crucial to keep a record of where you hit your shots in order to quickly locate any golf ball that may deviate from its intended path. By doing so, you can save time and energy that would otherwise be spent searching for misplaced balls. Therefore, maintaining a record of your shots will assist you in easily recovering any wayward golf balls.

Make Use Of A Ball Retriever

A golf ball retriever is an indispensable tool for golfers as it enables them to recover balls from locations that would otherwise be inaccessible, such as water hazards, deep rough, and sand traps. By utilizing a retriever, you can easily locate lost balls, ensuring that your game is not interrupted by the inconvenience of constantly having to purchase new golf balls. Therefore, if you happen to lose a ball during your game, a ball retriever will be your dependable solution.

Play With Someone

The best way is to play golf with your friends. Both of you can locate the balls together, and it becomes easy for you to locate the balls that may have gone astray.


These suggestions can aid in minimizing the amount of golf balls you misplace, resulting in a more pleasurable game. Nonetheless, as previously stated, losing golf balls is a widespread occurrence. If you continue to lose golf balls, it’s recommended that you purchase less expensive ones since they will be more suitable for you. Although playing with used or low-cost golf balls may impact your performance, once you overcome the habit of losing golf balls, you can switch to superior-quality balls.

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