Bridgestone 2019 e6 Lady Golf Balls

Boost Your Golf Game: Bridgestone e6 Review For Beginners

Golfers who want the longest possible distance on every shot should use Bridgestone e6 golf balls. The new 2-piece structure maintains a soft feel while providing high-ball speed. They have a great iron feel, particularly around the green. These balls are simpler to find because of their nice bright white coating. These balls don’t get as dirty as some of the others we’ve used. In fact, we listed this ball as the best golf ball for novices in our top golf balls category.

To assist you in determining whether this golf ball is the best option for you as a beginner, we’ll share the findings of our research in this review.

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls
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Golfers with average swing speeds who seek maximum distance on all strokes should use the reformulated e6. The legacy of e6 is a more easily compressed construction. High ball speed is achieved with the innovative 2-piece construction’s low compression core while yet preserving a soft feel.

ATTRIBUTES OF Bridgestone e6 Golf Ball

Here is a summary for those of you who need to make a decision right away.

Feature Benefit
Delta Dimple Design Provides smoother air resistance and straighter flight paths
Anti-Side Spin Inner Layer Reduces hooks and slices for straighter shots
Soft Feel Enhanced feel for improved short game performance
Low Driver Spin Helps produce longer drives with less spin
Straight Distance Designed for straighter shots and maximum distance


I was quite pleased with how the e6 golf ball felt when I used it with a club speed between 85 and 90. With my Ping Driver, I was able to smash the ball 230 yards or more, and the softer construction of the ball made it feel wonderful off the irons as well.

Golfers who want to maximize their distance without compromising the feel and control of their shots appear to be in luck with the e6 golf ball.


I have a great time hitting e6 golf balls. Although not nearly as far as some other well-liked options like the Callaway Warbird or TaylorMade Distance Plus golf balls, they nevertheless provide decent distance. However, the e6 balls also possess some excellent qualities, such as a softer feel and outstanding control on the green.

In general, I would suggest the e6 balls to golfers who place more emphasis on feel and accuracy than sheer distance. Still, if that is your primary goal, you might want to have a look at some of the other options like Callaway Warbird or Taylormade Distance plus.


These Bridgestone golf balls, in my opinion, are excellent. I found that the e6 golf balls are just as good, if not better, for half the price than the Pro V1s and TP5s I used.

These golf balls do not spin much. But they are fantastic for my game since they not only feel amazing when I hit them but also offer nice distance and minimal spin.

I find that the e6’s lower spin rate actually helps me hit straighter strokes and avoid slices and hooks, although some players may prefer a ball with a greater spin for added control. If you are the one then go for another golf ball.

Value For Your Money

Despite their lower price point, the e6 balls still offer great performance and a satisfying feel when struck, making them a popular choice among amateur and professional golfers alike.

For those who are just getting into the game or looking to save some money on their golf equipment, the e6 golf balls are definitely worth consideration.


I have discovered that Bridgestone’s e6 golf balls have excellent durability based on my testing. Finding a ball that can withstand wear and tear during a round is vital because golf balls may endure a lot of abuse from clubhead impacts at fast speeds to landing on hard surfaces.

The e6 balls appear to be able to tolerate some abuse without showing any symptoms of wear or deterioration in performance. They are therefore a dependable choice for golfers looking for a ball that will survive for the whole round or even numerous rounds.

easier to find

I’ve discovered that e6 golf balls are considerably simpler to locate when they are in the fairway and are even simpler to find when they are in the rough. This is due to the fact that the e6 balls have a unique and eye-catching design that makes them stand out from the nearby grass or vegetation.

Golfers are consequently less likely to misplace their balls and waste time looking for them, which can speed up play and improve the enjoyment of the game. Additionally, golfers may make more assured strokes and steer clear of dangers by using the e6 balls’ visibility in the rough.

Brand Perception

Given their dedication to creating high-quality, long-lasting, and dependable golf balls, Bridgestone has established a reputation as a leading maker of golf balls.

Golfers of all skill levels will appreciate the variety of features that Bridgestone golf balls provide, which are centered on cutting-edge technology and design. Bridgestone golf balls are made to fit the individual requirements of various golfers.

They range from the e6 series, which offers a good feel, low spin, and exceptional distance, to the premium Tour B series. Bridgestone is a top option for golfers trying to improve their game because of its reputation for excellence, quality, and innovation in the golf ball market.

What I Like About Bridgestone e6

hit straighter shots

I chose to try out these golf balls while I was hitting 100+ on the course and was pleasantly pleased by how forgiving they were. I found exactly what I was searching for at that stage of my game in the e6 golf balls, which seemed to assist me play straighter shots with more consistency.

The balls do, however, have a very soft feel, which might not be appropriate for all golfers, as I have noticed. I myself prefer a ball with a little bit more responsiveness, while some players prefer a softer feel.

Despite my personal preference, I still believe that the e6 golf balls are a fantastic option for new players who want to elevate their game.

What I Don’t Like About Bridgestone e6

not the great soft feel

I have discovered that the Bridgestone e6 does not have the same level of softness that some players want when compared to other golf balls like the Callaway Supersoft. It’s crucial to remember that the e6 golf balls still offer a variety of other attributes that make them a wonderful option for golfers even though this lack of softness may not be to everyone’s taste.

For instance, the e6 balls offer a predictable flight path and distance, as well as a low spin rate that lessens the chance of the ball hooking or slicing.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, golfers with average swing speeds who seek maximum distance on all shots without losing feel and control should go for the Bridgestone e6 golf ball. For beginners and those looking for a forgiving ball, its 2-piece structure and low compression core deliver fast ball speed and a gentle feel. Its reduced spin rate may not offer as much spin as other balls, but it still allows golfers to make straighter strokes. The ball is also simpler to find and recognize on the course because of its toughness and bright white finish. Overall, Bridgestone e6 is a strong pick for beginning golfers trying to advance their game.

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