Vice Tour Golf Ball Distance Accuracy Review

Vice Tour Golf Ball: Distance & Accuracy Review

Hello everyone, it’s James, and I’m excited to share with you my thoughts on the Vice Tour golf ball. As an avid golfer, I’m constantly seeking ways to enhance my performance, and when I learned about this golf ball, I was eager to test it out.

Throughout this evaluation, my focus will be on the ball’s performance in terms of both distance and precision.

Vice tour golf balls
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The Vice Tour golf ball has a 3-part construction with a compression rating of 85, providing great distance and precision off the tee. It’s soft texture and low spin make it easy to control, while the unique dimple pattern increases lift and reduces drag for a higher trajectory and more distance.

key features

To start off, it’s important to highlight the primary characteristics of the Vice Tour golf ball. This 3-layer ball boasts a compression rating of 90 and delivers a soft touch, coupled with minimal driver spin, making it an ideal choice for golfers seeking greater distance and precision from their tee shots. Additionally, the ball’s dimple pattern is crafted for optimal aerodynamics, minimizing air resistance and maximizing lift, resulting in an elevated trajectory.

Performance on the course

Moving on to the Vice Tour’s on-course performance, I have to express my admiration for this ball. It certainly exceeded my expectations regarding both distance and precision. When teeing off, I consistently experienced longer drives compared to my previous ball, while also witnessing a significant increase in accuracy. The ball’s soft touch and excellent feedback were evident throughout my iron and putting shots, offering greater command over my gameplay.


I particularly valued the Vice Tour’s resilience and longevity throughout a round of golf. While certain balls may quickly suffer from abrasions or blemishes after a few holes, the Vice Tour remained remarkably unscathed even after a full 18 holes of play.

Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised with the ball’s overall durability, as I utilized the same ball for multiple rounds and was impressed with its continued pristine appearance and top-notch performance. As a result, I’ve added this ball to my list of top golf balls for beginners.

Difference from vice tour

Let’s now discuss how the Vice Tour compares with the Vice Pro, a premium ball aimed at more skilled players. The Pro features a 4-layer design and boasts a 95 compression rating, making it slightly firmer than the Vice Tour. It also offers a higher spin rate, which can be advantageous for golfers seeking greater shot precision. Nonetheless, I discovered that the Vice Tour was more lenient off the tee and delivered superior distance in general. While the Pro might suit some players better, I, personally, favored the Vice Tour.

comparison to other golf brands

Another aspect worth pondering is how the Vice Tour stacks up against other golf ball brands. While there are numerous impressive balls available, I must admit that the Vice Tour competes favorably with some of the more prominent names in golf. From my perspective, the Vice Tour offers an equal amount of distance and precision as some of the pricier balls on the market, but at a much more affordable cost.

Affordable Price

Regarding the ball’s cost, the Vice Tour undeniably provides excellent value. Typically priced at approximately $27.99 per dozen, it is notably less expensive than other balls available. Although it may not be the most economical option, I believe that the Vice Tour’s performance warrants its price tag and is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment.

suitable for beginners

If you’re a novice, I highly suggest testing out the Vice Tour. It is lenient off the tee and offers impressive distance and precision, two key features for players starting their golf journey. Moreover, the ball’s soft texture and minimal spin make it simpler to manage, which can aid in boosting a beginner’s assurance while playing.

Where To Buy

Where can you purchase the Vice Tour? You can find it on the Vice Golf website, as well as other online marketplaces like Amazon, among others. If you’re still uncertain about trying it out, I suggest browsing through some of the online reviews and ratings. The Vice Tour has garnered abundant commendations from players of varying expertise, demonstrating its superiority and effectiveness.

Overall Impression of vice tour golf ball

To sum up, I must say that the Vice Tour golf ball truly impressed me. Its performance in terms of distance and accuracy off the tee was exceptional, while its feel and precision on the irons and putter were admirable. Moreover, the ball remained intact and durable throughout the round. The Vice Tour’s combination of low driver spin and exclusive dimple pattern make it an ideal selection for players seeking more distance and a loftier ball flight. Its 3-piece build and compression rating make it forgiving and effortless to maneuver.

If you’re looking to buy a new golf ball, I highly recommend giving the Vice Tour a shot. It provides exceptional value for its price and its on-course performance is comparable to some of the pricier balls available in the market. Furthermore, its gentle feel and accommodating design make it an excellent option for golfers of all abilities, from novices to pros.

dimple pattern

The Vice Tour has a distinctive dimple pattern with 318 dimples, which is slightly more than the standard number of dimples on a golf ball. It has a unique design with larger dimples in the center and smaller dimples around the edges, intended to decrease drag and increase lift, resulting in a higher ball flight and greater distance. Although it is difficult to ascertain how much the dimple pattern influenced my shots, I did observe that the ball flew high and straight, which is advantageous.

final thoughts

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Vice Tour golf ball to any player looking for a great combination of distance, accuracy, and control. With its soft feel, forgiving design, and unique dimple pattern, this ball is sure to improve your game and boost your confidence on the course. Give it a try and discover why the Vice Tour is quickly becoming a favorite among golfers of all skill levels.

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