Taylormade Soft Response Vs Tour Response Golf Balls

Taylormade Soft Response Vs Tour Response Golf Balls

Welcome to our in-depth comparison of two popular golf balls from Taylormade: the Soft Response and the Tour Response. As a golf enthusiast and a seasoned golf ball reviewer, I’m here to help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate player, or an expert golfer, we’ll explore each ball’s features, benefits, and performance to determine which one suits your game best.

Key Features Overview

FeatureTaylormade Soft ResponseTaylormade Tour Response
Greenside ControlGoodExcellent

Design and Construction

The Taylormade Soft Response features a 3-piece construction, while the Tour Response boasts a 4-piece construction. The additional layer in the Tour Response enhances its performance and overall feel. Both balls provide a soft feel off the clubface, which can greatly enhance your shot feedback and overall enjoyment.

Compression and Feel

The Soft Response is designed with a low compression rating, making it ideal for players with slower swing speeds. This ball provides a soft and responsive feel, allowing for excellent control and increased distance. On the other hand, the Tour Response offers a mid-level compression, suitable for a wider range of players. It delivers a similar soft feel while maintaining a slightly firmer response, providing a balance between distance and control.

TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Balls
Taylormade Soft Response

Experience exceptional control and forgiveness with the affordable Soft Response golf ball, designed to provide a soft feel and good distance for beginners and players prioritizing accuracy.

Taylormade Tour Response
TaylorMade Tour Response

Take your game to new heights with the Tour Response golf ball, offering exceptional distance, high spin rates, and precise greenside control for intermediate and expert players looking to optimize their performance.

Distance and Spin

When it comes to distance, the Soft Response offers moderate distance gains. It provides a good combination of distance and accuracy, making it well-suited for beginners and players looking for forgiveness. Conversely, the Tour Response is optimized for long distances, especially for players with faster swing speeds. It generates exceptional ball speed and maximizes distance potential. The Tour Response also offers higher spin rates, allowing advanced players to exercise greater control around the greens.

Launch and Accuracy

Both the Soft Response and the Tour Response offer mid to high launch characteristics, allowing for excellent carry and overall distance. However, the Tour Response tends to provide a higher launch angle, resulting in longer carry distances. In terms of accuracy, the Soft Response provides good forgiveness and control, ensuring your shots stay on target. The Tour Response, with its advanced construction and design, offers excellent accuracy, particularly for players with consistent swings.

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Greenside Control

When it comes to greenside control, the Soft Response delivers good performance, allowing you to stop the ball with control and precision. Its soft feel contributes to improved feedback on delicate shots. The Tour Response, with its higher spin rates, offers exceptional greenside control. It allows players to generate the necessary spin to stop the ball quickly, ideal for approach shots and scoring around the greens.


After carefully analyzing the features and performance of the Taylormade Soft Response and Tour Response golf balls, let’s determine which ball is the best fit for different skill levels:

  • Beginners: For novice golfers looking to improve their game, the Soft Response is an excellent choice. Its forgiving nature, soft feel, and good distance make it ideal for beginners who prioritize accuracy and control.
  • Intermediate Players: Intermediate players seeking a balance between distance and control should consider the Tour Response. With its mid-level compression, exceptional distance gains, and excellent accuracy, it provides the versatility and performance that suit this skill level.
  • Expert Golfers: Expert golfers with consistent swings and faster swing speeds will benefit from the Tour Response. Its premium construction, long distances, high spin rates, and exceptional greenside control make it a top choice for those looking to optimize their performance and scoring capabilities.


Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate player, or an expert golfer, Taylormade offers two exceptional golf ball options with distinct characteristics. The Soft Response is an affordable and forgiving ball that emphasizes control and accuracy, making it ideal for beginners. On the other hand, the Tour Response caters to players seeking exceptional distance, higher spin rates, and precise greenside control, making it a premium choice for intermediate and expert golfers alike. Consider your skill level, swing speed, and preferences when making your final decision, and remember that choosing the right golf ball can significantly enhance your performance on the course. Happy golfing!

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