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Women’s Golf Nasa Hataoka And Minami Katsu Are 7th On The US Tour

The US Women’s Tour came to a thrilling conclusion on May 2nd with some exciting golf on display at the final round in California. While the tournament was won by Yin Ruoning of China, there were some standout performances by Japanese golfers, including Nasa Hataoka, Minami Katsu, Hinako Shibuno, and Yuna Nishimura.

Nasa Hataoka, who was aiming for her second straight victory in the tournament, started the day from 4th place and improved her score by one to reach 10 under par. Despite her best efforts, she ended up in 7th place, 5 shots behind the leader, Yin Ruoning. Hataoka has had an impressive career on the tour so far, with four LPGA Tour wins to her name. While she was disappointed with her performance in the final round, she will no doubt be back and looking to add more titles to her collection in the future.

Minami Katsu, on the other hand, had a superb final round, posting the best score of the day and increasing her score by 8 points to finish in 7th place alongside Hataoka. Katsu has been in good form lately, with a top-10 finish at the HSBC Women’s World Championship in Singapore in April. Her strong showing in the final round in California is a sign of great things to come, and fans of Japanese golf will be excited to see how she progresses in the coming months.

Hinako Shibuno, who won the Women’s British Open in 2019, had a solid tournament, finishing in 17th place with a total of 6 under par. Shibuno has been a rising star in the world of golf, known for her unique swing and charming personality. She has quickly become a fan favorite, and her success has helped to raise the profile of women’s golf in Japan.

Yuna Nishimura, who was playing in her first LPGA Tour event, finished in 43rd place with a total of 1 under par. While she didn’t make it into the top 10, her performance was still impressive, given the level of competition on the tour. Nishimura is just 17 years old and has a bright future ahead of her in the sport. Her debut on the tour is a sign of the growing talent pool of young Japanese golfers.

The winner of the tournament, Yin Ruoning, put in a stunning performance, finishing with a total of 15 under par to secure her first tour title. The 23-year-old from China played with great poise and skill throughout the tournament and was a deserving winner. Yin’s win is a sign of the growing strength of Asian golfers on the LPGA Tour. In recent years, players from China, South Korea, and Japan have dominated the tour, and it seems likely that this trend will continue in the years to come.

The US Women’s Tour is one of the most prestigious golf tours in the world, and it attracts the best players from around the globe. The tour features some of the most challenging courses in golf, and it is a true test of skill and endurance for the players. The tour has helped to raise the profile of women’s golf, and it has inspired a new generation of female golfers around the world.

Japanese golfers have made a significant impact on the tour in recent years, with players like Nasa Hataoka, Hinako Shibuno, and Minami Katsu consistently performing at a high level. These players have helped to raise the profile of golf in Japan, and they have inspired many young girls to take up the sport.


In conclusion, the final round of the US Women’s Tour was a thrilling event, with some exceptional golf on display.

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